AirSep Freestyle
€ 3,355

Battery Belt - € 693

Freestyle package (incl. Battery belt)
€ 3,465
The very popular AirSep Freestyle has been prescribed for most medical oxygen patients. It is the second lightest concentrator OxygenWorldwide can offer. It provides 3 litres of pulse flow oxygen and only weighs 2.0 kg. and is ideal for a oxygen holiday.

This small portable oxygen concentrator is as small as for example binocular case. Being so small it improves independence. Beside the size and weight the AirSep Freestyle is a very versatile portable oxygen concentrator.

In combination with the ‘AirBelt’, as we named the supplementary battery belt can, this portable concentrator provides up to 10 hours of uninterrupted medical oxygen. The internal battery of the Freestyle can be charged using a normal powerpoint or in-car charger. Beside the fashionable design and exceptional battery life it has a easy to use interface which will give you the confidence you are looking for.

Ltr. per minute < 3 Ltr. p/m - PULSE
Weight 2 kg
Battery life 5+ hrs. battery life with battery belt
Ventilator use No
Recharge time Approx. 3 hrs.
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