AirSep Focus
€ 3,080
2 micro batteries included

Micro Battery - € 385
Currently this portable oxygen concentrator, the AirSep Focus, is the smallest in the world. The reason why we think this is your ultimate travel companion is, beside the size, its weight (0.8 kg.) This portable concentrator provides an equivalent of 2 litres per minute of medical oxygen on pluse flow and does therefore caters for most medIcal oxygen users.

The AirSep Focus enables oxygen users to be free from the confines of their home and go on holidays or just for everyday use.

Ltr. per minute < 2 Ltr. p/m - PULSE
Weight 0.8 kg
Battery life 3+ hrs. battery life
Ventilator use No
Recharge time Approx. 4 hrs., micro batteries are charged externally
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